by John Webster
A young widow's pioneering desire for independence
endangers her life when she re-marries against the
will of her controlling brothers—only a cutthroat
with a conscience can intervene.

Who is John Webster?

by William Shakespeare
A pair of shipwrecked siblings turn the lives of a love-sick
Duke and a mourning Countess topsy-turvy, setting in motion
a riot of love, mischief, and mistaken identity which only
time can untangle.

  What is original pronunciation?
(and why is it spelled "Twelfe"?)

Directed by Joseph Papke

Performing at
The Minneapolis Theatre Garage
October 31 - November 23
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Tickets $15-30, sliding scale
Available for purchase online here

Ricardo Beaird, Neal Beckman, Nicole Joy Frethem, Ben Funk, Lucas Gerstner,
Dan Joeck, Jordon Johnson, Michael Kelley, Michael Ooms, Dietrich Poppen,
Marika Proctor, Michael Quadrozzi, Hannah Steblay, Luke Tourville,
Samantha Veldhouse, Ryan Voss, and Joe Wiener



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