by William Shakespeare
directed by Michael Kelley
Helena loves Demetrius...Demetrius loves Hermia...Hermia wants to marry Lysander
against her father's wishes...the King and Queen of the fairy world are at strife...Duke
Theseus has captured a war bride...a group of local tradesmen are putting on a play in
celebration and Bottom wants to play all the parts!


June 17 - July 17
FREE in Twin Cities' parks

Performance calendar here

Neal Beckman*, Travis Bedard, Dakotah Brown, James Coward, Timothy Daly,
Maren Findlay, Justin  Hooper, Morgan LeClaire, Bethany McHugh, Arthur Moss
Samantha Papke, Marika Proctor
*, Michael Quadrozzi, Andy Schnabel,
Hannah Steblay*, Alice Tibbetts, Mason Tyer, Megan Volkman Wilson,
and Daniel Vopava
* CAE Resident Acting Company Member

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