by Christopher Marlowe
directed by Joseph Papke

Dissatisfied with his accomplishments, a brilliant scholar's hubris brings him to sell his soul in exchange for knowledge and power. But is it ever too late to repent?



by William Shakespeare
directed by Daniel Joeck

A mighty storm wrecks a ship on a magical island. An exiled Duke has engineered a confrontation with his betrayers, but the storm has stirred up more than just a chance for retribution.

Neal Beckman*,  Ethan Bjelland, Randall J. Funk*, Robb Krueger,
Morgan LeClaire, Marci Lucht, Rick Miller, Art Moss, George Muschamp,
Nicholas Nelson, Michael Ooms*, Marika Proctor*, Michael Renner,
Samantha Veldhouse, and Joe Wiener*

* CAE Resident Acting Company Member

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